Monday, December 19, 2011

Online Interior Design

Do you want new furniture for certain rooms of your new home?  If so,  you might  want to avoid the trouble and expense of  moving the furniture that you will be replacing and disposing of it later. And by working with an interior designer skilled in online design you can significantly reduce the time you'd normally need to wait for your new things.

For example, the pictures above show one option for furnishing the living room of the apartment in my previous post.  It's in a moderately contemporary style with an Art Deco influence.  Each number corresponds to one on the floor plan, and would also correspond to a line item on a spread sheet that would include the dimensions, finish, cost, and fabric. If my client liked the overall look of this furniture but wanted alternatives for some pieces, I would change only those things and email a revised document to him or her. (Of course, this process could be repeated as many times as necessary.)  The client would also be sent actual samples of fabric and finishes in order to finalize those choices  When all or most of the furniture for the room was selected, I would prepare and email purchase orders to my client.

I've used this method of online interior design for clients whose preferences vary widely. For example, below is a second option for furnishing the same living room  for a client who favored a more minimalist modern style.

Online design works very well for busy professionals, especially when they are relocating and want their homes or offices furnished when they arrive.  It proved especially useful for the incoming president of a major university in New York who needed his new 17,000 square foot residence ready for formal entertaining as soon as his family moved here.  Only the bedroom furniture from the family's original residence was to be used in their new home. The president's wife participated in two short, highly organized shopping trips to finalize decisions on items for which a picture is not worth a thousand words, and the house was completely furnished before the deadline at the start of the autumn semester. The photo below shows one of a pair of intimate seating areas on either end of the living room.    



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