Monday, December 12, 2011

Pampering Yourself Pays - Staging a Home for Sale

Often people who are contemplating a move don't buy anything new for their current homes.  But indulging yourself with little things that make you feel pampered can create a feeling of comfort and ease that will appeal to potential buyers. The bathroom should have pretty, fluffy towels and a new bath mat.  The kitchen can be dressed up with attractive dishcloths and a pretty teapot.
Think about the things you're planning to do for your new house, and decide what's practical to purchase now.  You may want to buy new linens for the bedrooms.  If the sofa is a standard size and you're fairly certain that you'll keep it but it needs a new slipcover, consider purchasing one right away.   

You can begin to make plans for your new home while you are living in your old one.  Having some idea of the fabrics that you will be using will make it much easier to decide upon paint colors when the time comes.  If you see something that you would love to have in your next house or apartment, be sure that the scale would allow it to fit into a fairly small space.
Most of the time, effort and money that you put into your home while it is on the market should be spent on things that will give you pleasure both now and in the future.
By doing things that increase your own enjoyment of your house or apartment, you will automatically be making it more appealing to a potential buyer.  Homes are like people.  When they are loved, it shows

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